Friday, January 30, 2009

Small pea meatballs with mushroom sauce

Recipe products

500 g minced meat mixture
250 g boiled preserved peas
1 middle-seized onion
1 slice of white bread

For sauce:

200 g mushrooms
400 g yogurt
400 ml cold water
Juice of half a lemon
60 g flour
20 ml vegetable oil
(Ground pepper if you wish)

Soak the slice of bread in water and squeezed it. Add the slice to the minced meat. Add the peas and the spices. Grate the onion on fine pieces. Mix well. Take small amount of the mixture using spoon and put it in the hot vegetable oil. Fry the small meatballs from all sides.
Slice the mushrooms on slices. Put in hot vegetable oil, add salt and stew them until their fat is extracted. Sift and fry the flour. Put lemon juice into the yogurt. Stir and add mushrooms while stirring. Pour the water. Stir until it boils up. Leave on low heated hot plate for around 5 minutes. Stir periodically.
Serve 4-6 meatballs with mushroom sauce poured on them. You can sprinkle with ground red pepper if you wish.

gourmet recipes - small pea meatballsgourmet recipes - small pea meatballs

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