Friday, March 13, 2009

Gourmet recipes - Biscuits

This nutritious gourmet recipe I picked up for you in order to show you that tasty and healthy can be easily combined. These easy for cooking biscuits are perfect for small launches.

Recipe products

300 g white flour
100g white whole grain flour
50 g oat flakes
Peels of half a lemon
220 g brown sugar
4 middle-sized eggs
125 g butter
0.3 g vanilla
4 g ginger
3 g baking soda

Sift the flours. Add ginger, soda, vanilla lemon peels. Sprinkle with sugar and oat flakes. Chop the butter above. Rub with hands until crumbs are obtained. Add the eggs one by one while kneading the dough. Thick sticky mass is obtained. Arrange in covered with baking paper tray using spoon. Bake on 2 levels at 180 degrees Celsius(356 degrees Fahrenheit) oven with fan on. Take out when they begin to brown from the upper side( around 10-12 minutes).

Gourmet recipes - Biscuits

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