Friday, March 13, 2009

Gourmet recipes - Cream “Vanilla”

Cream “Vanilla” is pretty useful gourmet recipe. This cream can be directly consumed or used in sweets. It takes some time to be cooked but once it’s ready you will see that it’s worth the effort.
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Recipe products

1 l fresh milk
3 whites of egg
4 yolks
200 g sugar
100 g flour
20 g butter
0.6 g vanilla
Sticks for decoration

Beat the whites of egg with some of the sugar and leave aside. Put aside ¼ of the milk. Beat the yolks with the flour and fill up the ¼ of the milk until thin mess obtained. Heat the rest of the sugar and the milk on the hot plate. Add the yolk mixture with continuous stirring before it boils up. Put the butter when the mixture begins to thicken. Stir constantly until the mixture become thicker. Put in the vanilla before putting away from hot plate. Leave to cool down completely. Put the yolk mixture with stirring in the whites of egg mixture as soon as it cools down until homogeneous mixture is obtained. Put in appropriate cups and decorate with chocolate sticks. It can be served with topping of your choice. I use this cream on biscuit cakes.

Gourmet recipes - Cream “Vanilla”

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