Sunday, March 8, 2009

Gourmet recipes - Spinach with raisins and olives

I was asked to create an “extraordinary” gourmet recipe and the cook it. I accepted to invent something. I didn’t have anything to lose(well, except some products) so I made up my mind. The following gourmet recipe came as a result of my experimenting. It turned to be a good one. Try it!

Recipe products

400 g cleaned spinach
30 g raisins
100 g black olives
150 g rice
50 ml vegetable oil
750 ml warm water
1 onion
500 g minced meat

For the topping

1 egg
400 g yoghurt
2 tablespoons flour
80 g yellow cheese

Blanch the spinach, strain it off and slice it. Bone the olives. Soak the raisins in cold water for around an hour.
Slice the onion into fine pieces and put it in the oil to fry. Add the sliced into fine pieces minced meat when the onion becomes softer. Fry until ready. Add the washed rice, the spinach, the olives and the raisins. Pour 150 ml water. Cook until the water gets absorbed by the rice. Add spices and stir. Pour in a tray and add the remained 500 ml of warm water. Stir and put to bake at 220 degrees Celsius(428 Fahrenheit), lower grate. Pour a mixture of milk, egg and flour as soon as the rice boils up. Grate the yellow cheese above. Bake from the upper side only until brown.
The meal can be served together with yoghurt.

gourmet recipes - Spinach with raisins and olives

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