Sunday, March 8, 2009

Gourmet recipes - Chicken breasts with mushroom sauce

Nowadays we eat various types of food. But are they nutritious enough. This gourmet recipe contains enough proteins for the whole family and surely it is nutritious enough. Remove the mushrooms and it becomes perfect for people who practice some kind of sport.
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For 5 portions

500 g chicken breasts
200 g smoked ham
50 ml vegetable oil
2 onions
2 hard boiled eggs

For the sauce:

100 g fresh mushrooms
2-3 tablespoons sample flour
500 ml cold water
Ground red pepper

Put the chopped into bites meat in the heated fat to fry. Add chopped into small cubes ham. Fry until golden and put in another utensil using grid. Fry the sliced into circles and floured onion in the same fat. Put it in separate utensil as soon as it begins to grow red. Pour some more oil in the frying pan. Add 50 ml of water and put the chopped into fine pieces mushrooms to stew until they become greasy. Sprinkle with the sample flour. Stir a couple of times and fill up the cold water little by little while stirring constantly so no knobs will occur. Leave to boil and cook 5-6 minutes. Season the sauce with pepper, nutmeg and salt.
Serve small pile of the meats together with sauce covered with fried onion and sliced into narrow stripes boiled eggs.

Gourmet recipes - Chicken breasts with mushroom sauce

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