Friday, February 13, 2009

Chicken soup without egg-based thickener

Every day I ask myself(and my friends) what should I cook to please every member of my family for a whole day(or may be two). The real question is what gourmet recipe should we cook if we want the people who eat it not to be sick and tired of it after the first bowl? I think this gourmet recipe is the answer, or is it?

Recipe products and directions

Boil the winglets and the spine of one chicken. Bone the meat.

50 ml vegetable oil
1 onion
1/2 of a middle-sized carrot
1 potato
3 tablespoons flour
40 g rice
150 ml sour cabbage juice

Fry the chopped into fine pieces onion until golden. Add flour, stir and fill up 1 liter of chicken bouillon. Add potato chopped into small cubes, grated carrot and rice after the bouillon boils up. Leave on a low heated hot plate until the rice and the potatoes boil up. Add meat and cabbage juice. Leave to bubble and turn off the hot plate.

Chicken soup without egg-based thickener

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