Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gourmet recipes - Brown bread with olives and rosemary

Here is another meal of my collection of gourmet recipes. This bread combines the two characteristics one meal should have. It is healthy and in the same time very delicious. We all know that brown bread is healthier than the white. Add olives and rosemary and you will get more delicious bread than you thought the brown one could be.

Recipe products

300 g whole grain white flour
200 g brown flour
9 g dry yeast
20 ml olive oil
60 g black salted olives
5 g (1 teaspoon) sugar
1-2 pinches of salt
3 g (1 teaspoon) ground dried rosemary
250 ml lukewarm water

Sift the flours one above other. Pit the olives and add to the flours. Sprinkle with sugar, salt, yeast and rosemary. Put the olive oil in the water and knead dough with it until it becomes smooth and soft(around 10 minutes). Leave to rise covered with folio on hot until doubling in volume. Knead again. Smear a rectangular mould with butter. Put the dough in it and push it so it can stick to the walls and the bottom of the mould. Cover with the folio and leave to rise again. Bake in preheated to 180 degrees Celsius(356 degrees Fahrenheit) oven, middle grate, 35 minutes.

gourmet recipes - bread with rosmary and olives

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