Monday, February 16, 2009

Gourmet recipes - Chicken hearts with rice

Hi! I want to introduce you to this unconventional gourmet recipe – “Chicken hearts with rice”. It is really kind of gourmet recipe because of the chicken hearts included in it as a product. You will like it if you like offal.

Recipe products

800 g chicken hearts
210 g rice
600 ml warm water
1 big-sized onion
80 ml vegetable oil
Ground pepper

Slice the onion into fine pieces and add it together with the washed and cleaned hearts in the heated oil. Cook on heated hot plate until greasy(the hearts emit liquids which should boil). Add rice for a minute, stirring it. Season with pepper and savory(I put more than usual) . Add salt. Pour the mixture in a small pan. Fill up water and stir well. Brown in oven at 220 degrees Celsius(428 degrees Fahrenheit) until the rice absorbs the liquid.

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